2 ingredient coconut almond butter

2 ingredient coconut almond butter


So I have a problem in my pantry. There seems to have formed a black hole on the shelf where I store my almond butter.  Each time a new batch is made it is gone in 1-2 days, but luckily the black hole is nice enough to spit out the jar when it is done…clean and everything.   With 2 ingredients this healthy spread is perfect to add to oats, fruit, toast, spoons, WHATEVER.

Coconut almond butter

  • Servings: 16
  • Time: 5min
  • Difficulty: easy
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3 c. roasted almonds (See notes below)
1/2 c. unsweetened coconut flakes

Put ingredients into a high-speed blender and use tamper to push ingredients into the blade. (About 2 minutes).

If using a a food processor, add ingredients and process on high speed, occasionally stopping the motor and scraping down the sides to get mixture back to the blade. The coconut and oils released from the almonds will make this process go faster if you are looking for a smooth and creamy almond butter.

Notes: I have made many an almond butter batch in a food processor and using roasted almonds cut down my time almost in half. Adding the coconut should help even more, taking about 15-20 minutes.



  1. Anything with coconuts is just great! Thanks for the recipi!

  2. Wow! How does it come put looking so smooth?? I’ve made almond butter before but it is usually much drier looking. Is it because u use raw almonds and not roasted? Does it make that mych a difference? I would love to make it like you because we eat SO much of it!! I rarely let us run out it is soooo good!!!

    1. Author

      I noticed that the roasted almonds make it come out so much creamier but the added fat from the coconut really helps. Another idea would be to add a small spoonful of coconut butter to your almonds which would also add lots of fat to make it creamy. Let me know if any ofthese work for you. Id love to know. Thanks for poppin by!

  3. Yummy! I love this, looks so creamy…..and great tip with the roasting, I’ll try it out

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