But first, travel + a camper’s breakfast sandwich

But first, travel + a camper’s breakfast sandwich

Can there be anything better than going to bed looking forward to making breakfast the next day?! It makes waking up so much more exciting, especially if you have a busy & crazy day ahead of you. Or when you’re out in nature. Or on a Sunday morning at home. Pretty much all the time is the best time to have a breakfast to look forward to.
Four months of travel & wandering around. And we’ve just finished week 1 in California. Mr. Craving Nature and I have had a whirlwind of a summer. Three big weddings out of state and out of country in 4 weeks, including ours at the tail end, summer jobs, clearing out our home for our subletter, and prepping for our extended honeymoon aka wandermoon. It happens that we decided that after I left my job we had a rare opportunity where we could travel for several months, something we’ve both always talked about, even in our single days. So we decided to sublet our apartment for a few months to a family member and spend the fall months exploring parts of the world neither of us have visited. We start our journey with South Africa and that’s all we have planned thus far with ideas of visiting Southeast Asia and New Zealand & Australia, as well.

As it happened our place was rented out and we had a week to test out our new gear, and there’s plenty of it, and get a little camping in. And Mr. CN loves creating challenges and coming up with solutions for them: like not having his EU passport (yes, I married one of those jerks with duel citizenship) and needing it to be shipped to San Francisco. So our week became a mission of passport retrieval, with loads of camping and hiking in between. And good food, always good food. But we didn’t go out to eat once. We cooked on our mini camp stove and toasted some vegan mallows over the fire for s’mores along with some homemade almond coconut butter. 

Our trip started out with us leaving our house last Friday, on my birthday, to Catalina island for the weekend to celebrate another friend’s birthday. After some bday cocktails and snorkeling in some very clear and very cold water later, we started our trip to Mammoth Lakes for some backpacking and camping in the most beautiful of spots. California is really the most beautiful place. 😛

Breakfast appetizer of mashed avo toast topped with sorrel and chanterelles

And lots of cooking on our campfire and small camping stove & skillet. The fall is my favorite campfire time. Chilly evenings spent warming by the fire and the smell of wood infused in your clothes.

So we (re)discovered the beautiful San Francisco Ferry Building farmers market that I visited last summer and I couldn’t turn down all of these goods. Chanterelles! C’mon! So with a basket of fresh walnut bread, chanterelles, tiger stripe figs, heirloom ‘maters, sorrel, avocado, cheese & eggs (whew that was a long list) later, I couldn’t wait to cook breakfast the next morning.

We simply fried up some eggs in our new little skillet and tossed in the chanterelles + sea salt and assembled a delicious mashed avocado toasted breakfast sandwich complete with greens, tomatoes, ‘shrooms topped off with a fried egg + some figs for dessert. So simple, and sooo good. And hat tip to the picnic bench, paper bags, some camping equipment & man’s hands for the lack of needing any photo props for this shot!

I’ll be updating as we continue with healthy eating food tips for travel & our travel tips & discoveries. If you have any travel tips I’d love to read them in the comments below!

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