Taking Back Sunday 001

Taking Back Sunday 001

This is the first of the series, Taking Back Sunday! Let’s chat about what makes getting out of bed on Sunday the absolute best!

Let’s talk about the importance of doing fun activities on the regular, even if they scare the hell out of you! Open water swimming and Sunday surf sessions with Daniel and my girl, Caitlyn have become something I want to fly out of bed for on the weekends.

Brownie recipe testing, b/c well, I don’t have a brownie recipe up on the blog! How could I not? Coming soon!

Green vanilla fig smoothie bowls + lavender almond butter. Errrry damn day, except I just used the last of that amazing almond butter. Wahhhh.

Reading out loud to one another. Way better than watching TV. After finishing the entire Harry Potter series on our honeymoon, we’ve moved on to The Hunger Games series, and are currently on Mockingjay.

This podcast about choosing curiosity over judgement with Alexis from Hummusapien, one of my favorite blogs eva. Peep it.

The That’s So Maven podcast about soap making ft. Luminance Skincare.

Diana Krall singing B├ęsame Mucho. Saw that she was at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend so had to go dig this up during brownie baking!

Happy week to you all!