Taking Back Sunday 003: Lake Tahoe Camping Recap

Taking Back Sunday 003: Lake Tahoe Camping Recap

This week’s Taking Back Sunday is a little more about taking back the whole weekend. And this is why it’s a bit late, too. A few posts back I talked about how the one thing I wanted for my b-day was to camp and be in nature with lakes and pine trees and fresh air. So Mr. CN took me on a surprise trip up to Lake Tahoe. We listened to super inspiring podcasts about adventurers and why we feel the need to be in nature, hiked, swam, snorkeled, cooked, ate s’mores (a PB cookie version!), and laid on our picnic table to watch the stars. We avoided things like showers, Internet, cell service, and bears (thankfully!). 

We camped in D.L. Bliss State Park, which has easy access to the Rubicon Trail, which you can hike to and around Emerald Bay, where you can kayak, swim and see a cute little Scandinavian style home. We opted to keep hiking. We tried to snorkel above a few wrecks, but found the very steep and wild ravine to be an obstacle larger than I was willing to traverse.

We drank coffee each morning using our Chemex coffee maker. Duh. Check out the video below for our campfire coffee (new) tradition. Sound on for the full effect!

The following podcasts have been inspiring me a lot and really got me wanting to get outdoors more and to push my comfort levels. When Mr. CN and I were talking about why we love being outdoors so much I was recounting my camping trips with my bff’s family as kids and how it was a place where we were allowed to be little wildlings. And we noticed that with the kids in our campsite, too. We can be unkempt and loud and cook with fire and wear silly clothes. We are free to be.

She Explores podcast. Episode highlight: Being Here: How the Outdoors Make Us Feel. This episode really resonates with how I’ve been feeling lately.

The Adventure Podcast. Episode highlights: The First Woman to Ride Around the World on a Motorcycle with Elspeth Beard and Hiking the PCT in the Winter with Shawn Forry.

Campfire reading was You are a Badass. Think this is my first self-help book ever.


I’ll let the photos do the rest of the storytelling.

June Lake pitstop.

Us playing Kubb, a Swedish Viking lawn game.

Post-snorkel shot!

Hiking Emerald Bay

A very special b-day treat!

That is one sexy axe.

And one sexy husband.

Those stars and that Milky Way.

Homemade sourdough!

Shakshuka over the campfire. Video coming soon!

I mean that axe has to appear in every shot.