Taking Back Sunday 004

Taking Back Sunday 004

I totally missed out on last week’s Taking Back Sunday, probably b/c we also had off on Monday! This morning started out with a surf session followed by a large smoothie bowl and homemade cold brew, which I impatiently waited for from Mr. CN. Followed by some lovely farting around the living room and kitchen. Sunday morning are really the best.

I spent the week working, editing videos for a veggie video cookbook series, watching Moana with my friend and her littles, and hanging out with my buds. Saturday morning was my last open water swim before the Malibu triathlon on Saturday this upcoming week. This week is my absolute fave, taper week! Short workouts and little to no weights to keep me moving, but not wreck myself. So ready to race next weekend!



What have you guys been up to this past week? Any new podcast discoveries, books, or music you wanna share? A few things I have been researching and crushing on are below!

I have been researching how to make sure that my donations count when helping for a natural disaster. Check out this and this article about donating cash and your frequent flier miles.

Love this list of 12 books that changed my life. Have only read 2 of them and have added a bunch to my Goodreads list. Which have you read? Would you add others to the list?

Have you been wondering how to become a leader or need some ideas for how to lead a group or women’s circle? Check out my girl Gigi Yogini’s new podcast, the Modern Sacred Circle. Peep it to learn how to host a sacred circle of your own!

Crushing on Jimmy Chin’s Instagram feed always. A lot of these photos make me feel like adventuring and many make me feel dizzy!

Current go-to blog and cookbook for cooking inspo and beautiful photos is My New Roots! Try this recipe for super healthy and delicious crackers!

Discovered this Lush body butter that you use in the shower! Leaves me feeling moisturized and smells amazing. I love their ‘naked’ products, which come without packaging. You can also return their tubs, which will be recycled into more tubs or shopping baskets. YAY!