Taking Back Sunday 005: Triathlon recovery day!

Taking Back Sunday 005: Triathlon recovery day!

This week’s taking back Sunday was all about nourishing our bodies and minds after completing the Malibu Tri on Saturday. A group of girlfriends and I completed the race with an amazing support team, and then had a fun pizza & beer party in the park to celebrate afterwards. Sunday was more about recovery.

Sunday morning cryotherapy. Haven’t heard about cryotherapy? It’s all the buzz in recovery for elite athletes. It’s the process of using extreme cold temperatures for medical therapy. Similarly to icing an injury to keep inflammation down, cryotherapy using a chamber to get your whole body into low temps. Sounds like hell, no? ┬áBut we decided to give it a shot on Sunday morning as a “fun” treat to ourselves. Results? I feel great 2 days post-tri, but is it due to cryo? Not sure. It was a fun group activity anyway. Who doesn’t love to watch their friends freeze their asses off? And apparently you have to be consistent with it and go 2-3 times/week. At $65/pop I will be saving that money for massages where I also get to feel relaxed for at least an hour.┬áCurious? Check out more about cryotherapy here and here.

Greenleaf brunch with my ladies! They had an impressive list of brunch cocktails, which we did not imbibe upon. If you live in So Cal or are here for a visit, check them out for a healthy meal.

Reading in the afternoon on my hammock was ahhmaaaazing. Current read: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. A coming of age story in Johannesburg during the end of apartheid and the days after, Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, relates what is was like growing up colored in South Africa weaving tragedy and comedy together in a compelling story. Highly recommended. I’ve also heard the audiobook is amazing.

Yin Yoga at YogaWorks in Santa Monica in the evening was probably the most important part of recovery yesterday. With a wonderful playlist our instructor took us through 2-3 minute stretches focusing on opening our hips, pelvis and spine to nourish connective tissue.

Dinner was stuffed acorn squash and tofu curry.

In the evening the 2nd episode of Modern Sacred Circle was released, which features yours truly along with actress and activist, and of course, Gigi Yogini. We discuss what it means to nourish our souls.