Produce Guide: Winter squash + simple squash recipes (vegan)

Produce Guide: Winter squash + simple squash recipes (vegan)

Every time I head to the market or to the store it seems like there is a new type of squash to be had. Have you guys hard of honeynut squash? It’s this tiny butternut squash that is a bit sweeter than butternut squash and of course, it’s tiny, so it’s super cute. Plus, I love the fact that these guys are like mini personal squash. But getting back to the featured guest, I hear often that squash can be a little bit intimidating. They do have that tough outer shell that may seem tough to crack, but once given a little tender love and warmed up, their skin softens and you can open them up to see how beautiful they are on the inside. (insert laugh-cry emoji) This winter squash guide is meant to help you build your own dinners after you get comfy with the squash life. Along with yummy squash recipes, you’ll also find a build your own squash meal guide to help you use the ingredients you already have on hand.

Squash are incredibly versatile, hearty, and easy to make. Not to mention it can be used as a savory or sweet addition to your table. It can be a side or a main, especially for those pesky vegans or vegetarians you have coming for dinner. 😛

Top row from left to right: Kuri, Delicata, Kabocha
Bottom row from left to right: Spaghetti squash, honeynut squash, butternut squash

If you have an oven and some olive oil, S & P you most definitely cannot go wrong. From roasting whole, to halving, boiling to steaming, there really is no wrong way to do a squash, but I definitely have my go-to technique.

My favorite way to cook a squash? Slice it in half and scoop out the seeds in the middle with a spoon (grapefruit spoon if ya have one!). Rub with a bit of olive oil and season with S & P and roast on a sheet face down for 40-45 minutes at 375˚F. The skin on most squash tends to be a little tough and fibrous, so you can scoop out the flesh or wait for it to cool and then delicately peel off the skin. Acorn and delicata skin isn’t too tough once roasted, but if you don’t enjoy the texture feel free to leave it remaining.

The squash really lends itself to being used as a “boat” for being stuffed. Once you remove it from the oven allow it to cool, feel free to stuff it with whatever you like, such as a combo of the following:

  • quinoa, rice, farro, freekeh, couscous
  • spinach, arugula, kale
  • pear or apple (any variety will do), persimmon, pomegranate
  • lentils, white beans, chickpeas, black beans
  • pumpkin seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds, almonds, raisins, cranberries,
  • sage, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, parsley
  • Sauces + condiments like guac, salsa, hummus, tomato sauce (really best for spaghetti squash IMO), pesto, creamy cashew sauce, olive oil, curry, coconut cream etc.

Some excellent flavor (non)recipe combos: 

Burrito spaghetti squash boat: Rice + spinach + black beans + salsa + cheese of your choice + cilantro

Autumn acorn squash: Quinoa, arugula, persimmon, white beans, walnuts/pumpkin seeds, sage + olive oil

Curry kabocha squash: Rice + chickpeas or lentils + pumpkin seeds + cilantro + curry sauce + coconut milk.

Red kuri squash: Spinach + white beans + pesto +  parsley + olive oil + S & P

Delicata squash: Lentils + kale + almonds + pomegranate seeds + parsley + cashew cream

But to better squelch (or squash) your fears I’m providing some different how-to’s, videos, and recipes to make you and squash become besties this fall.

Savory recipes

Stuffed acorn squash 

Vegan spaghetti squash + lentil walnut meatballs

Spinach butternut squash daal from Nutrition Stripped

Red kabocha squash soup + cinnamon maple crunchy chickpeas 

Simple stuffed kabocha squash by Detoxinista

Delicata squash bake from Minimalist Baker

Stuffed delicata squash from A Couple Cooks

Sweet breakfast recipes

A grain-free breakfast porridge featuring kabocha (or butternut) squash as the base

Acorn squash breakfast bowl from Fit Mitten Kitchen

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Simple Spaghetti Squash Video


  1. To make it easier to cut hard-shelled squash, such as butternut, slice the skin in 4-5 places and microwave on high for 1 minute. Voila! A softer squash for easier cutting.

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