Scones. Ya either love ’em or ya hate ’em. Actually, if ya hate ’em you can just leave now. They were one of my first experiments in the kitchen when I started baking years ago, though I definitely wasn’t making them vegan. They’re fairly simple to make and always seem super fancy and impressive. All about that simplicity, baby. And again with the versatility scones can be sweet or savory and allow for flavors that let’s say cookies or brownies wouldn’t be so open-minded to. I had been wanting to make a guide for persimmons along with a fun & easy recipe, and cardamom seemedRead More →

Sometimes the best ideas come to me on the fly. I can spend hours planning and dreaming up recipes and I might make it 20 times and it never turns out right. And then some days you get super inspired on the fly, happen to have everything ready to go in your fridge and pantry and make the most bomb breakfast for lunch. Like these roasted squash breakfast tacos + cashew crema. Let’s be honest here. Have you ever met anyone who didn’t like tacos? And if you did, are you still friends with them? Because I don’t think that I would trust them. Read More →

Gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately. What may seem like the smallest things are what I feel most grateful for. My fridge full of food, my husband’s footsteps on the porch returning home, waking up to cool, crisp air. Of course this just scratches the surface. I have committed myself to taking time to be less “productive” and to be more present and grateful for the opportunities and special people that I have in my life. Back in the spring I began to go to weekly women’s circles at a yoga studio. I had no idea what to expect when I walkedRead More →

Ever wonder what the hype is about smoothie bowls? The smoothie’s sexier, more photogenic cousin is a hit on social media. It’s basically like eating ice cream, but filled (and topped) with healthy foods, such as fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies. Plus, instead of sucking down my smoothie in 5 seconds or less, the smoothie bowl requires some slowing down. I tend to feel more satisfied afterwards feeling like I ate a meal instead of drinking one.Read More →

You know how you are so 100% sure of an idea or have had something on the forefront of your mind and at your most sleepy moment rays come down from the sky and you have full clarity? And then all of a sudden you go about your day and your confidence in your idea begins to waiver and get muddled with all the day to day, overthinking, analyzing, and possibly even forgotten. Why do we do this to ourselves? Allow insecurity and other’s opinions begin to blow our stable umbrella parked in the sand begin to blow inside out and fly away? Of course,Read More →

I have always been pretty amazing at a few things. Eating, sleeping, and punning to name a few. I have always needed at least 8 hours, and when I was off in the summers or on vacation, eventually I would habitually start sleeping 9 and even sometimes 10 hours without being roused by alarms. So when the school year would start and I would of course stay up until 11 or 12, b/c God forbid I be lame and go to bed at an early time, my 545am wake-up call would have me snoozing and foggy-eyed every day.Read More →

This week’s Taking Back Sunday is a little more about taking back the whole weekend. And this is why it’s a bit late, too. A few posts back I talked about how the one thing I wanted for my b-day was to camp and be in nature with lakes and pine trees and fresh air. So Mr. CN took me on a surprise trip up to Lake Tahoe. We listened to super inspiring podcasts about adventurers and why we feel the need to be in nature, hiked, swam, snorkeled, cooked, ate s’mores (a PB cookie version!), and laid on our picnic table to watch theRead More →

Dinners lately have been lazy sauce. Usually roasted veggies with some sort of lentil or chickpea curry, protein pasta or stuffed sweet potatoes. Yummy, but growing stale in this home. I need as few dishes as possible and want to spend as little time as possible. Mainly b/c I am spending a ton of creative time in the kitchen whipping up ice cream recipes for a fun project aka my life as well as meal prepping for a few clients. And not to mention this week has been hot as yo’ mama.  And after experimenting with 4-5 recipes in half as many hours, I amRead More →

I never met a granola that I didn’t like. Grain-free, nut-free, loaded with oils & fats. I will take one of each, please. I got super into making my own granola about 10 years ago and I go in & out of phases. Recently the phase has been “in with granola.” Something so simple can jazz up your smoothie bowl, chia pudding, yogurt, ice cream, parfaits, or what have you. And it’s super fun for brunch spreads.Read More →

I’ve been keeping a secret from Mr. CN. I have been sneaking zucchini and beans into his smoothies for the last few weeks. Not that I was trying to trick him, but I wanted to honestly know if he could tell what was in his smoothie. He usually trusts me, so as long as it tasted good he didn’t ask too many questions. I can usually tell by the scraping of the spoon at the bottom of the bowl if it was good or not. And I’ve been hearing a lot scraping lately.Read More →

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr. The sun stays up later and the temps are warmer and all the yummy foods i.e. the most delicious fruits are starting to peak through. It is amazing the way everything perks up in spring and summer, especially my mood! I get so stoked for long weekend days in the sunshine and outdoor movie nights with the fam & friends.Read More →

Wake up. Check e-mail. Check Facebook. Post & scroll through Instagram. Wake up. Listen to the water. Snuggle with my hubs. Go for a morning snorkel. Lay in the hammock. There is no doubt which one sounds more appealing. And though the latter is only going to be available to very few year round, why not try and mimic our vacation life more frequently in our daily life?Read More →

I’m sitting on my porch in Koh Tao this morning, with ants crawling all over my screen, sipping on what I thought was a coffee, but rather ended up being a sugar bomb with a trace of coffee, scratching my 755 mosquito bites, and already starting to sweat at 730am. I was so angry last night as we were hiking up the Rockies of Thailand…okay maybe a bit of a hyperbole, but it was steep! Yet I cannot remember a morning that I woke up happier, of course I have a view of a still water through tropical plants and bougainvilleas with a great porchRead More →

Can there be anything better than going to bed looking forward to making breakfast the next day?! It makes waking up so much more exciting, especially if you have a busy & crazy day ahead of you. Or when you’re out in nature. Or on a Sunday morning at home. Pretty much all the time is the best time to have a breakfast to look forward to.Read More →

Tacos. For breakfast. On the go. Well, it looks like my brain has finally decided to unionize and go off strike! After a month of high octane travel to Iceland, Sweden and Philly, wedding attending and planning, and my own wedding (woopwoop), I crashed a little after coming back to LA and pretty much slept, read, beached and went to Cross Fit. Read More →

I have this great memory from a Sunday in summer after a night out with my girls. We woke up in the morning and wanted to go for an exercise walk through town. We stumbled upon a farmers market at the high point of peach season.As we walked into the square the sweet aroma of my favorite stone fruit met my nose and I knew that we needed to try one. I had about $3 in cash and had just enough to buy us each a peach. We sat outside eating and laughing at the ridiculous image of 3 women having peach juice running down ourRead More →

Confession: D & I eat a lot of smoothie bowls. D eats them every single morning for breakfast and sometimes for a snack and I eat them every morning I don’t have to rush to work after a morning workout. Why do we love them? They are… Packed with greens! Packed with healthy fats! Protein-rich! Easy to make and easy clean-up! It’s like a milkshake for breakfast with crunchies! Who doesn’t love crunchies?!Read More →