It’s peanut butter jelly ice cream sandwich time! Summer is on like Donkey Kong. Pools are open, school is out, and it’s starting to get hot. These sandwich throwback ice cream sammies couldn’t be any easier. With just 5 ingredients (yes, I said 5) and less than 30 minutes you can be lying in your lawn chair with one of these treats in your hand and your feet in the kiddie pool. Read More →

You all know that there is no right or wrong time to eat ice cream, right? That is why pumpkin ice cream was born! So we could be reminded to head out to our fave ice cream shop and grab a scoop, or two or maybe a 1/2 gallon. As if we all needed another excuse? Read More →

I’m hot. You’re hot. We’re all pretty damn hot. It’s the beginning of August and we’re in the thick of the summer and no matter where we go (in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s downright hot. And I freakin’ love it. LOVE IT. No jackets, summer dresses, bikini top around the house, beaches, pools, rock pools and boat rides. Summer is LIFE.Read More →

No. No, no. I don’t really like chocolate ice cream that much. I much prefer different flavors like mango, pumpkin, pistachio, and coconut. But nope, definitely not choco….OMG I can’t stop eating this. This is so (insert expletive) amazing. “What did you put in here? I can’t stop eating it. This has to be terrible for you.” “I know, right? But really, it’s just healthy fats with cacao powder and chocolate. And dates, of course.” –Cue mouth drop– (Don’t worry, he closed it fast enough to catch the ice cream from falling to its death). How the chocolate ice cream mouthful-ed recipe creator and taste-testerRead More →

Ya know how there are those days when everything is just a little off? You spill juice (just like a 3 year old) all over your light colored dress as soon as you get to work, forget why you went to the copier only to remember as you are getting back at your desk, burn popcorn, twice, because you get distracted by the kitten pictures your sister-in-law sends you. Ya know, hypothetically speaking, of course.Read More →

Winter is coming. JK JK JK. Thank the Lord it is not and that hellish season is over and Spring has sprung. Buttttttttt, for you Game of Throne fans, you know that this next winter is gonna be a long one. And this recipe is dedicated solely to you. In thinking of the last episode of this season I knew that I wanted to pay some sorta homage to Castle Black. And since Castle Black is essentially made of ice, ice cream was definitely in order. Read More →

The oven is on and the smell of strawberries is wafting through the house, but this isn’t no pie. It’s ice cream! Wait, is it ice cream season yet? Oh yeah, it always is! And strawberries are in season? Double yeah! And now that there are a lot more fruits coming into season over the next several months you can bet your dairy-(free)-ere that you will be seeing more ice cream posts. Okay, A LOT more.  And I am totally in love with the first flavor of the season. Read More →

I have always made cupcakes on President’s Day. It was always cold, I never had work, and loved the extra day to cozy up in my kitchen and bake. And ohhh man the first time I made vegan chocolate cupcakes for my roomie and I, we devoured them quickly. I was hooked, but never could find the recipe I used again. (This was far before Pinterest existed and I never bookmarked anything).  And I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t use the same recipe since I am sure that it was loaded with sugar and white flour. So this many years (6?) later I am givingRead More →

It is never too cold to have ice cream. And yes, it does get “cold” in Southern Cali…on the rare occasion. I was underdressed in a scarf & sweater the other day. See? And though I can’t commiserate with the ubiquitous Polar Vortex of the Northeast any longer, I can certainly remember the days of wearing layers upon layers hoofing it to the train with feet that never seemed to get warm. But when we’re inside a warm and cozy home we crave something warming, but also crave summer oh so badly. And summer means ice cream! And why should the Southern Hemisphere have allRead More →

My bestie is coming today! WOOHOO! She is flying in from Philly and I cannot wait to have some good old quality girl time. We’ll be hitting up the beach, the farmers market for sure, and definitely having a bake-off for Thanksgiving at my bro’s house. During my single days we used to live together and adventure all over the city. She is the kind of friend who will go fruit picking with you in 100 degree weather and then spend 10 hours canning and making crisps out of your picking and make endless batches of cookies just because you want to eat cookie dough.Read More →

Have you ever been to a really good tea house? Where you feel relaxed before you even open the door? In Philly I used to live around the corner from a place called The Random Tea Room. It was tiny, cozy, and they made the BEST chai latte. It was great to meet up with girlfriends, ordering pots of chai while philosophizing the important things of life, such as art, boys & books. This was the real deal. I am not ashamed to say that I used to enjoy walking by here on trash day because it smelled wonderfully of cardamom, ginger & cinnamon. Man,Read More →

Did someone say ice cream? Heck yeah. In under 5 minutes? Hells yes!  I mean, this is why I bought the Vitamix. You too, right?  So many drool-worthy flavors. FIG! PUMPKIN! GINGERSNAP! PEACH!  Don’t get stuck in the banana rut of clean eating vegan ice cream. Just because we can’t have dairy doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy everything the seasons have to offer. Am I right? I recently had the pleasure of working with my girl, Talia, a fellow nutrition nut and beach body coach at Your Fit Journey to discuss healthy ways to cheat our minds, but not our bodies. A how to video featuring my peachRead More →

Aw damn. I done hopped on the dang pumpkin train. It started with my 1st pumpkin beer last week and now this. Hmmmmm. Pumpkin beer? Ice cream? These 2 may have to be combined. This quick to whip up guilt-free ice cream is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free & paleo.Read More →