Formerly My Upbeet Life-Why the change?

Fun fact: This is not my first blog. I started my first blog back in 2012 about eating local foods and producing little to no waste. This was no easy task being February. In Philly. I ate squash and apples and squealed like a piglet in mud the first day I saw strawberries in the Spring. I did this for 6 weeks, until I did a bar crawl with friends and wolfed down a jar of salsa along with a bag of chips and pretzel M & M’s. Maybe not one of my finer moments. However, many of my habits have stuck with me, though I no longer only shop at the farmers markets or local farms, but that is my primary place for buying produce and it is definitely my happy place, in case you are new to my blog and haven’t seen my obsessive posts. That’s why I started volunteering there last summer.

A bit about my eating habits. I do not classify myself as any particular diet label, such as vegan, paleo, gluten-free, not even a vegetarian. I simply claim that I do not eat meat. I am not one for labels. Instead, I believe in eating real food. Food that we can pick from bushes and trees or pull out of the ground. Food that is grown conscientiously, for the environment and for fellow human beings. Food that will inspire you and give you the energy to move and to get out and experience the beauty of nature. Most of all, food that will nourish your body and soul.

When I was creating my new blog I knew that I wanted to focus on a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy foods. But over the last several months I have realized that I wanted to focus even more on the term “nature.” When associated with food, the words natural and organic have become so ubiquitous and misrepresented that they have lost their true meaning. And I want to bring it back through creating nourishing dishes that are fun to make, look at and eat (duh!).

Part of a healthy lifestyle means being outside and moving. Who doesn’t feel refreshed and reconnected with themselves after picnicking in the park, swimming in the ocean or hiking  & camping through the woods? As humans, our bodies and minds crave nourishment. We long to be outside, move and be challenged, mentally and physically. So let’s nourish ourselves and head out into nature.


  1. Made your ‘BBQ CHICKPEA BURGERS [VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE]’ published by The Green Planet. It was easy to make and had a great new taste for us. Thank you. It will be on the breakfast table tomorrow. Also will sign up to follow. Know you won;t let us down.

    1. Author

      Hi Arlan! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I am so glad you liked the Chickpea burgers! It’s about that time of year for all things grilled. Happy weekend !

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