Sunchoke apple salad

The sunchoke aka Jerusalem artichoke has been something that I’ve been eyeing for years at farmers’ markets. First in the Philly Reading Terminal and again in the markets out in LA. I’ve only had it once, while visiting family in northern Sweden. It was prepared in a soup on a cold and rainy day. And it was delicious. But I had always been a bit intimated to cook it myself. Maybe it was the name or the fact that it looked like ginger or sometimes one of those Mandrakes from Harry Potter. Artichokes tend to be a bit intimidating themselves. But a sunchoke (a termRead More →

I used to joke that fall was Mother Nature’s trickery to get us to accept the darkness of winter. All the goodness of fall was to ease us in to cold days, shoveling snow, and hibernating most of the winter months. But this time of the year does always have me craving the outdoors even more. Maybe it’s just me trying to squeeze in every last drop of daylight, walking barefoot, and fresh summer fruit. But when the air turns crisp I start to quickly accept the change in weather. (Yes, it does get cooler in So Cal, though fall is definitely not the sameRead More →

Darth Vader is not sexy. He may lure the ladies in with the whole mysterious what’s under my costume thing, but the breathing kills it immediately (for me anyway). Sounding like Darth Vader is not sexy either, but that was me this week with a head cold, breathing all heavy out of my mouth. Not cute. At all. I was in denial about being sick for a while. As people who have lived with me this is not an uncommon occurrence. My favorite line to utter is Monica from Friends “Sick is for weaklings!” when she tries to seduce Chandler while denying her weakened immuneRead More →