If I told you that you should be on ‘shrooms every day would you think I’m crazy? No? I’ve just piqued your curiosity instead? Thought so! FourSigmatic has created a line of coffee elixirs and drinks that I have been enjoying on the regular for a little more than a year now. This past spring I got to meet the team behind the #onshrooms hashtag and was greeted by super friendly & passionate people. Plus, they talked to me about foraging mushrooms!  (This is the girl who hunted down a chef in South Africa to see if I could accompany him on his foraging trip…sadly IRead More →

It’s time for an afternoon quickie! Making my own nut butters was one of my gateway habits into making tons of staples homemade. And this simple salted chocolate peanut butter is making its way into the regular rotation. This is a super fun & easy recipe to add to your repertoire of healthy-er treats. I’m a big fan of buying nuts, seeds, and beans (and anything else I can find) from the bulk bins at the stores. I use reusable cloth bags to store all of my goods while shopping and then transfer them to a glass container when I get home. Read More →

If you asked me as a teenager if I was creative or artistic I would have said no way. I remember dreading art class knowing that my work would get criticized or erased and redone by my art teacher. Of course as a child I took this as 100% true and gave up on doing any sort of drawing, painting or art and was excited in high school when it became an option and there was no way in hell I was going to elect to take an art.Read More →

Think about the last time you were really hard on yourself. When you really were your own worst critic. Why do we treat ourselves so much harsher than others? The other day I met with a respected coach, colleague, and friend. I had been feeling super frustrated about how it was taking me “forever” (1 month) to get back into shape and wanted to hop back into the CrossFit world and be able to do strict pull-ups, jump rope without being winded, and be able to lift or complete workouts without my heart jumping out of my chest. I wanted to pretend like I hadn’t takenRead More →

There is needing chocolate, and then there is needing chocolate. Will eat everything in my path until chocolate eventually makes it into my mouth kind of need. Not a Hershey’s bar, but real dark & decadent chocolate. You know what I mean. So, naturally I headed to the kitch to try and work something out. But…Read More →

My brain feels like it has gone away on the crazy train. Buh-bye. My focus lasts about as long as…We’ll call it summer brain. Or have lots of life events happening brain. In the best way possible. After completing a Half Ironman (#stillcantbelieveididthat) and crushing my goal by over 30 minutes, I was flying high. So much commitment and training actually did pay off and I came out basically unscathed, minus some sore legs the next day. And then my boyfriend who was me and my friend’s Sherpa, schlepping our gear all over the place, taking photos, cheering us on all day while we raced,Read More →

I absolutely love celebrating birthdays. I have a friend who celebrates her half birthday pretty hard. I think I might have to adopt that tradition myself. I have always loved spending a day by myself. Heading to the beach with a good book, getting a massage, having an ice cream cone and then heading out with my friends for an all-night dancing extravaganza. This year, however, was turning out to be a little different.Read More →

When I was a kid my mom used to take me to the local library to hang out and get books. I loved the smell when we walked in and remember grabbing one of my favorite books and sitting in the old wooden chairs to read. I have no idea what the book was called, but it was about a girl who floated through a candy and chocolate world in her dreams. I read that book countless times. I guess I have always been a sweets lover. Since I have begun to cut out sugar from my diet I have noticed that I have a lower toleranceRead More →

  Why don’t we ever refer to anything that combines chocolate and hazelnut as Ferrer Rocher? I think they should also get some cred for the amazing combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. Maybe because you can’t spread it on anything or eat it right out of the jar? Or maybe because Nutella has a consistency like nut butters, so we like to think that it is healthy and relegate the gooey little chocolate balls into the dessert category. Poor guys. Not that I recommend eating this on a regular basis or anything, but when you have a craving that needs to be satisfied, THIS ice creamRead More →

Today was the day to lose my training wheels. Or better yet, water wings. I woke up at 5:15 on my last day of summer to go to my first open water swim practice. My triathlon coming up in less than a month and I have gotten some looks when I say that I haven’t done much open water training. Or any. I showed up on time (yay!), and was asked if I was going to get a swim wetsuit. A what? Wasn’t my surfing wetsuit good enough? I pretended like I was on the hunt for a good bargain swim wetsuit and talked toRead More →

These lil’ fellas are great as a snack in themselves or in ice cream such as my Hunky Munky flavor, which is vegan & sugar-free. Using cacao butter as the base of your chocolate will allow your chocolate to solidify at room temperature, so you do not have to store them in the refrigerator. They are better for traveling and make good gifts since.  If you choose to use the raw chocolate recipe, they will have to be kept in the freezer or fridge. #1: Ingredients 1 1/2 c. assorted raw nuts, such as pecans, almonds & walnuts 4 Tbsp. cacao butter 1/4 c. cacao powderRead More →