So let’s just chat about the power of not baking anything and making a super quick, but seemingly fancy snack, dessert, or maybe even appetizer. And then let’s chat about how it’s gluten-free, can be vegan, poppin’ with protein, etc. etc. And eye catching. It’s the holy trinity of non-fancy fancy foods. Nailed it!Read More →

I am not one of those people who does well sitting still. Sure I have my days where I love to lie on the couch and binge OITNB, but overall I am pretty active, though I have been (re)learning the art of sleeping in since we started our travels late August. But I still get the urge to move, explore and experience new things. You see, I have always loved to travel and dreamed of it. Did you ever play that game where you would spin the globe, close your eyes and point to spot and that’s where you would end up living when youRead More →

I’m sitting on my porch in Koh Tao this morning, with ants crawling all over my screen, sipping on what I thought was a coffee, but rather ended up being a sugar bomb with a trace of coffee, scratching my 755 mosquito bites, and already starting to sweat at 730am. I was so angry last night as we were hiking up the Rockies of Thailand…okay maybe a bit of a hyperbole, but it was steep! Yet I cannot remember a morning that I woke up happier, of course I have a view of a still water through tropical plants and bougainvilleas with a great porchRead More →

Can there be anything better than going to bed looking forward to making breakfast the next day?! It makes waking up so much more exciting, especially if you have a busy & crazy day ahead of you. Or when you’re out in nature. Or on a Sunday morning at home. Pretty much all the time is the best time to have a breakfast to look forward to.Read More →

Give me all of the taco flavored kisses! Especially if they taste like this. Tacos, to me, are the greatest party food. They should not be relegated to Tuesdays only. Am I right? What is so great about them? They can be filled with anything and still be amaaaazing tasting. The tortilla is just the vehicle for all of the fillings. Like celery to peanut butter or toast to smashed avocado. Read More →

You all know that there is no right or wrong time to eat ice cream, right? That is why pumpkin ice cream was born! So we could be reminded to head out to our fave ice cream shop and grab a scoop, or two or maybe a 1/2 gallon. As if we all needed another excuse? Read More →

I adore summer evening rains. After a hot day of being outside in the sun & then the dark clouds roll in and the leaves on the trees start to blow downward. A few drops begin to fall and the pavement begins to smell like worn moccasins. (I know, weird, but I have always thought this was what moccasins would smell like). We would all rush off to our homes before the downpour started, just in time for dinner.Read More →

Sooo I might have been on a bit of a lemon kick. My recently posted gateway-to-chia lemon raspberry parfait is now one of my favorite summertime refreshing snacks.  Lemon is so freaking versatile. Put it in your water for some added flavor. Add it to desserts or savory dishes. Add it to homemade cleaning products.  Annnnnnnd as I was experimenting, it even goes with lavender. Like, really goes. Like honey in my tea. Or the jam on my toast. The peanut butter to my chocolate. Like that kinda goes.Read More →

“This is the best thing you have ever made. No, I really mean it this time. You could sell this ish.” Hmmmmm, he’s got an idea. Maybe I shouldn’t give you guys the recipe. And maybe I should sell it. But I was always bad at keeping secrets. I like to share my creations so you lovelies can enjoy delicious healthy grub. And this is the perfect for a grab-n-go snack or add some crunch to your yogurt or top off your ice cream. Read More →

“These are the best damn peaches I have ever eaten!” -Me, at a farmers market, every time I eat freshly picked peaches. Or strawberries. Or carrots. Or potatoes. Pretty much insert any produce in place of “peaches” and it’s true.  If you’ve had freshly picked fruit or veggies from your garden or local market, you know that they are the most flavorful fruits & veggies you have ever eaten. One time, I bought a box of freshly picked snap peas and they tasted like no other snap peas I had ever eaten before. And the box was gone in hours. Snap peas! Who knew? We allRead More →