So let’s just chat about the power of not baking anything and making a super quick, but seemingly fancy snack, dessert, or maybe even appetizer. And then let’s chat about how it’s gluten-free, can be vegan, poppin’ with protein, etc. etc. And eye catching. It’s the holy trinity of non-fancy fancy foods. Nailed it!Read More →

The almond butter monster is real. I think she must sneak in the kitchen after midnight to gobble it all up because I am making new batches at least twice a week. But fo realz the almond butter love in my house has been serious lately. And with cheap bulk almonds available at the local 365, it’s a much cheaper alternative than any store bought brand. Plus you know how I am about reducing my plastic packaging. I did a poll on Insta Stories, (Probably my fave thing about Stories rn. Even over the SuperZoom), and 68% chose almond butter over peanut butter. Oh, timesRead More →

Ummmmm, how did it become November already? And it’s not even the first of November…November 6th? Whhaaaaat? Talking about Thanksgiving plans and Christmas travels already has got me like whoa. But also super stoked for the mountains to open and the snow to start dumping. Let’s just talk about cute mountain cabins with fires, sweaters, hot tubs, and the best part of being on the mountain all day, the aprés-ski. Why yes I will sit red-cheeked with a beer in my bikini in the hot tub. Twist my arm why don’t ya?Read More →

This might be the closest I’ll get to cooking up a pumpkin recipe this year. I dunno why, but I am just not feeling it. Maybe it’s the 100 degree weather as we near November or maybe it’s the ubiquity of pumpkin goods. Also, my sweet tooth has gone into hiding. (Probably due to the 100 degree weather). But besides pumpkin there are so many other flavors that get swept aside like the different squashes, apples, pears, pomegranates, & persimmons. I get ridiculously excited about seasonal foods.Read More →

Sunchoke apple salad

The sunchoke aka Jerusalem artichoke has been something that I’ve been eyeing for years at farmers’ markets. First in the Philly Reading Terminal and again in the markets out in LA. I’ve only had it once, while visiting family in northern Sweden. It was prepared in a soup on a cold and rainy day. And it was delicious. But I had always been a bit intimated to cook it myself. Maybe it was the name or the fact that it looked like ginger or sometimes one of those Mandrakes from Harry Potter. Artichokes tend to be a bit intimidating themselves. But a sunchoke (a termRead More →

Gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately. What may seem like the smallest things are what I feel most grateful for. My fridge full of food, my husband’s footsteps on the porch returning home, waking up to cool, crisp air. Of course this just scratches the surface. I have committed myself to taking time to be less “productive” and to be more present and grateful for the opportunities and special people that I have in my life. Back in the spring I began to go to weekly women’s circles at a yoga studio. I had no idea what to expect when I walkedRead More →

It’s time for an afternoon quickie! Making my own nut butters was one of my gateway habits into making tons of staples homemade. And this simple salted chocolate peanut butter is making its way into the regular rotation. This is a super fun & easy recipe to add to your repertoire of healthy-er treats. I’m a big fan of buying nuts, seeds, and beans (and anything else I can find) from the bulk bins at the stores. I use reusable cloth bags to store all of my goods while shopping and then transfer them to a glass container when I get home. Read More →

I have always been pretty amazing at a few things. Eating, sleeping, and punning to name a few. I have always needed at least 8 hours, and when I was off in the summers or on vacation, eventually I would habitually start sleeping 9 and even sometimes 10 hours without being roused by alarms. So when the school year would start and I would of course stay up until 11 or 12, b/c God forbid I be lame and go to bed at an early time, my 545am wake-up call would have me snoozing and foggy-eyed every day.Read More →

Saturday nights spent out dancing until 6 or 7 in the morning meant Sundays were for sleeping, park & beach going, and a lot of paella. Living in Spain, and a lot of other places around the world, I learned that Sundays were for rest and spending time with friends & family. Everything, yup everything, was closed. There was no rushing to get the grocery shopping done for the week or rushed plans to do XYZ. I often found myself strolling around the streets of Madrid meandering through parks, where there always seemed to be some sort of festival, exploring different parks, hitting up theRead More →

TBH I have not been into cooking much lately. I might be because after 4 weekends in a row of being away after a 2 week trip (amaaazzing) I have gotten out of the routine of cooking and am finding myself uninspired. Not great for a food blogger, but hey, it happens. In this light I decided to reach out to my fellow bloggers and ask for their best go-to meals when they are in a time bind. I asked for healthy meals, because if we’re not making time to cook, we might not be making time to exercise either (eek!).Read More →

I adore summer evening rains. After a hot day of being outside in the sun & then the dark clouds roll in and the leaves on the trees start to blow downward. A few drops begin to fall and the pavement begins to smell like worn moccasins. (I know, weird, but I have always thought this was what moccasins would smell like). We would all rush off to our homes before the downpour started, just in time for dinner.Read More →

So let me start off by saying that I was not a believer when I first heard of chia pudding. I never ate a ton of pudding as a kid, unless it was in the form of a popsicle. But this refreshing lemon and berry chia pudding parfait with the crunch of macadamia has won me over.Read More →

You know that feeling of elation where you jump up and down and squeal like a pre-teen girl? That is what spending the weekend in Oaxaca for Day of the Dead last weekend was like for me. I have always dreamt of going there for Day of the Dead, but what teacher can take off several days in the fall to head to Mexico? Certainly wouldn’t fly anywhere I have worked. But this year it happened to fall on a weekend in which I happened to have extra days off. Where to go, where to go? I thought of different cities where I could spend myRead More →

Today was the day to lose my training wheels. Or better yet, water wings. I woke up at 5:15 on my last day of summer to go to my first open water swim practice. My triathlon coming up in less than a month and I have gotten some looks when I say that I haven’t done much open water training. Or any. I showed up on time (yay!), and was asked if I was going to get a swim wetsuit. A what? Wasn’t my surfing wetsuit good enough? I pretended like I was on the hunt for a good bargain swim wetsuit and talked toRead More →