So let’s just chat about the power of not baking anything and making a super quick, but seemingly fancy snack, dessert, or maybe even appetizer. And then let’s chat about how it’s gluten-free, can be vegan, poppin’ with protein, etc. etc. And eye catching. It’s the holy trinity of non-fancy fancy foods. Nailed it!Read More →

I never met a granola that I didn’t like. Grain-free, nut-free, loaded with oils & fats. I will take one of each, please. I got super into making my own granola about 10 years ago and I go in & out of phases. Recently the phase has been “in with granola.” Something so simple can jazz up your smoothie bowl, chia pudding, yogurt, ice cream, parfaits, or what have you. And it’s super fun for brunch spreads.Read More →

It’s wellness Wednesday and I’ve got a super yummy treat for you! In my world, Wednesday means hitting up a super early workout, heading to the market and then coming home to whip up some delicious farmers’ market inspired meals. I know that for many this may look like a Saturday or Sunday, so I’m dropping the recipe in time for all the weekend warriors out there.Read More →

Ya know what I’ve been loving lately? People that can hug. You know what I mean, the kind that makes you melt a little and you feel like you’re being squeezed from all sides. I love getting those kinds of hugs from peeps and someone the other day called me a good hugger and I was like “who? me?” Nailed it! I mean, who wants a hug from a giant floppy noodle?Read More →

Do you remember when you started perusing the blogosphere? I became super interested in cooking in my early 20’s and started researching healthy recipes and found The Buff Chickpea, which doesn’t exist anymore. But it was my first window into the health blog world and for that little blog with maybe 15-20 recipes I am so grateful. It opened my eyes to an alternative way of eating and to a whole new hobby, cooking healthy and eventually blogging about it.Read More →

You guyses. Summer is soooo close, and while normally that means a break from teaching, for me this summer is looking a little different. After 11 years of teaching, I have decided to take a leap into the world of Wellness, Nutrition and Cooking. While I have no certain long-term plans, but many ideas of 1,231 businesses I could start, going back to school and traveling for many months, I am extremely enlivened and freaked out all at the same time. So many opportunities…but so much uncertainty.Read More →

Today was a major fail day in the kitchen. Don’t worry, these muffins are the exception! I really wanted to experiment with making healthy veggie waffles. 10 minutes of scraping out the bits of my waffle iron later, I decided to chuck it into a veggie scramble. So not all bad, just not the way I had planned.  I will win the veggie waffle battle, though. One day.Read More →

Do you ever think of food as just necessary vehicles for your condiments?  Things I’ll eat of the jar or container just so crackers & bread don’t need to get in the way of their amazing taste: marinara, hummus, BBQ sauce, nutella (duh), nut butter (duh, again), salsa, guac, horseradish, and pretty much anything else you can scoop onto a chip, cracker, or veggie. (Except mustard & mayo. I’m convinced that they aren’t actually condiments, but rather the devil dressed up in disguise). And I looooove hot sauce. Used to put it on my grilled cheese for my after school snack as a kid. Weird?Read More →

There is needing chocolate, and then there is needing chocolate. Will eat everything in my path until chocolate eventually makes it into my mouth kind of need. Not a Hershey’s bar, but real dark & decadent chocolate. You know what I mean. So, naturally I headed to the kitch to try and work something out. But…Read More →

Tis’ the season to stuff our faces, lovelies. I find myself wanting all things warm, bready, spicy, and comforting. For some reason, cinnamon rolls have been a continuous appearance in my food dreams. Don’t act like you don’t have those. I guess it is sorta obvious, since cinnamon buns are the ultimate Sunday morning comfort food. Warm bread with cinnamon and sugar. Drewwwwwwwwwl.Read More →