Do you remember when you started perusing the blogosphere? I became super interested in cooking in my early 20’s and started researching healthy recipes and found The Buff Chickpea, which doesn’t exist anymore. But it was my first window into the health blog world and for that little blog with maybe 15-20 recipes I am so grateful. It opened my eyes to an alternative way of eating and to a whole new hobby, cooking healthy and eventually blogging about it.Read More →

I am the Augustus Gloop of hummus! Open the doors of my wildest imagination and I would be gulping from hummus rivers with little hummus trees swayed above my head dropping every different flavor around me. How is it possible that a little chickpea can bring a grown (mostly?) woman so much joy?! We make it in my household on the regular and not just by me, buy also by the other hummusaurus that I live with. And when we do, it gets devoured.Read More →