When I first think about how this blog started 3 years ago, I realize how much I’ve learned and how much the blog has changed. I had recently moved from Philly to Santa Monica and was loving how inspired the warm weather and abundant farmers’ markets were making me to cook and eat whole & seasonal foods. After posting a few pictures of my meals & snacks on social media I received some encouragement from friends and family to start a food blog so I decided to give it a go. I dove in head first creating recipes and testing out food photography (egads thoseRead More →

I really want to try eating raw for a few weeks. Really, I do. I’ve heard it sends you on a high, feeling happy and giddy. Supposedly, it’s unreal. But then, there’s bread. And warm bread. And warm homemade sourdough. And then there’s bread from a baker where they grow their own wheat and mill it themselves. Having a total Portlandia moment right here. And then there’s that little thing called the grill, where about 80% of my dinners (and leftovers for breakfast) come from. ┬áRoasted peppers anyone? Or how ’bout some eggplant? And asparagus and garlic and onions and…you get the point. But oneRead More →

I adore summer evening rains. After a hot day of being outside in the sun & then the dark clouds roll in and the leaves on the trees start to blow downward. A few drops begin to fall and the pavement begins to smell like worn moccasins. (I know, weird, but I have always thought this was what moccasins would smell like). We would all rush off to our homes before the downpour started, just in time for dinner.Read More →