I used to joke that fall was Mother Nature’s trickery to get us to accept the darkness of winter. All the goodness of fall was to ease us in to cold days, shoveling snow, and hibernating most of the winter months. But this time of the year does always have me craving the outdoors even more. Maybe it’s just me trying to squeeze in every last drop of daylight, walking barefoot, and fresh summer fruit. But when the air turns crisp I start to quickly accept the change in weather. (Yes, it does get cooler in So Cal, though fall is definitely not the sameRead More →

When I first think about how this blog started 3 years ago, I realize how much I’ve learned and how much the blog has changed. I had recently moved from Philly to Santa Monica and was loving how inspired the warm weather and abundant farmers’ markets were making me to cook and eat whole & seasonal foods. After posting a few pictures of my meals & snacks on social media I received some encouragement from friends and family to start a food blog so I decided to give it a go. I dove in head first creating recipes and testing out food photography (egads thoseRead More →

Isn’t one of the great things about going on vacation that you get to splurge and eat whatever you feel like without lifting more than the weight of your cocktail to your mouth? Wrong! Well, maybe for a day but then the fun starts to wear off and the key lime pies and pina coladas become ubiquitous and less interesting. I’ve never been one for those kinds of vacations and if I’m sedentary for too long I start to get cabin fever & quite cranky. Raise your hand if you’re the same! I definitely had some anxiety about eating healthy and staying active before headingRead More →

Can there be anything better than going to bed looking forward to making breakfast the next day?! It makes waking up so much more exciting, especially if you have a busy & crazy day ahead of you. Or when you’re out in nature. Or on a Sunday morning at home. Pretty much all the time is the best time to have a breakfast to look forward to.Read More →

The name of this is a bit of a misnomer if you’re thinking in the traditional sense. I could have named this flu-blaster, cold remedy, green goddess, glow like a god-damn firefly juice, but my cheeky side just wouldn’t let me. This juice will leave your taste buds and your body satisfied. It’s super fast to whip up, packs a mean punch of healthy vitamins & minerals, and is loaded with flavor. And no messy regular juicer clean up! Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am. You are welcome. Read More →

Move over, tater tots. Your fried & oily ways are needed no more. We have moved on to bigger, healthier & more colorful spuds. Of the sweet potato variety to be exact. We loved your crunch texture on the outside and soft inner self, but that is why these crispy smashed spuds will be taking your place. They are crispy, crunchy & golden brown & are open to being topped off with healthy toppings. Plus there is no peeling necessary. BONUS!  And to put it bluntly, they are just more delicious.Read More →