Dinners lately have been lazy sauce. Usually roasted veggies with some sort of lentil or chickpea curry, protein pasta or stuffed sweet potatoes. Yummy, but growing stale in this home. I need as few dishes as possible and want to spend as little time as possible. Mainly b/c I am spending a ton of creative time in the kitchen whipping up ice cream recipes for a fun project aka my life as well as meal prepping for a few clients. And not to mention this week has been hot as yo’ mama.  And after experimenting with 4-5 recipes in half as many hours, I amRead More →

I did a thing! A super amazing delicious thing! I have been wanting to make this recipe for at least 2 years. TWO! I tried a few times and each time the cookie was too healthy tasting or crumbled apart too much. I was starting to give up when I decided to revamp an oldie but goodie, and it worked!  And good thing because I had been in bit of a kitchen rut and now I feel like I am on fiiiiireeee. Read More →

When I was younger I never ever dreamt about my wedding. To give you some background I never carried a blanky, but rather a pair of rubber pliers and a skeleton key. Yup, I was into my own thing and was always dreaming of secret, magical worlds to which I could travel and unlock my fantastical mind. I also use to dig mazes in a sandbox and take the mice that my cat caught and tried to make them run through it. I guess you could say I was not into the average girlie things. Maybe that was because my mom gave me a boy haircut andRead More →

I have to admit, I am a spiralizer hater. Maybe it’s because it always leaves a nub or the fact that you have to twist so many damn times to yield little results. I’ve tried different brands and have gotten frustrated when I have tried to spiralize anything except zucchini, and even then I just started chopping because the noodles were not very noodle-y.  And then I went to dinner at a friend’s house and she made me zucchini pasta or “zoodles.” And it was goooooood. So I became determined to make them at home. Just without a spiralizer. Read More →

Seriously, Vada Sultenfuss? Could you get a cooler name or be any cooler of a role model for a girl? Riding your bike around all summer in your eccentric funeral home-home with Thomas J as your best bud. I wanted to be her so badly. Her and Thomas J became blood brothers. Blood brothers! Not that I would recommend that at all, but the idea was so bad ass as a 9 year old.Read More →

You guyses. Summer is soooo close, and while normally that means a break from teaching, for me this summer is looking a little different. After 11 years of teaching, I have decided to take a leap into the world of Wellness, Nutrition and Cooking. While I have no certain long-term plans, but many ideas of 1,231 businesses I could start, going back to school and traveling for many months, I am extremely enlivened and freaked out all at the same time. So many opportunities…but so much uncertainty.Read More →

Today was a major fail day in the kitchen. Don’t worry, these muffins are the exception! I really wanted to experiment with making healthy veggie waffles. 10 minutes of scraping out the bits of my waffle iron later, I decided to chuck it into a veggie scramble. So not all bad, just not the way I had planned.  I will win the veggie waffle battle, though. One day.Read More →

red velvet cake pops

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. I love playing tricks. Like making you eat your veggies without you being none the wiser. Like in desserts where you can’t even taste ’em? Damn genius, if I do say so myself. Thanks to some challenge inspiration brought on by a conversation between me and D, these are vegan and grain-free to boot. Speaking of the challenge…Read More →

Do you ever think of food as just necessary vehicles for your condiments?  Things I’ll eat of the jar or container just so crackers & bread don’t need to get in the way of their amazing taste: marinara, hummus, BBQ sauce, nutella (duh), nut butter (duh, again), salsa, guac, horseradish, and pretty much anything else you can scoop onto a chip, cracker, or veggie. (Except mustard & mayo. I’m convinced that they aren’t actually condiments, but rather the devil dressed up in disguise). And I looooove hot sauce. Used to put it on my grilled cheese for my after school snack as a kid. Weird?Read More →

I don’t know about you, but it seems that the case of the winter break blues hit hard this January. Maybe it’s the cold & rainy weather or the fact that the holidays fell on a Friday, giving everyone long weekends and others, like yours truly, a full 2 1/2 weeks off. But enough complaining. I’m bringing you some positive vibes this week with a bright and sunny winter salad that will keep you on your New Year’s Resolution track and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, I’m here to offer up some tips on staying healthy in the workplace, which IRead More →

Growing up, we never had mashed potatoes. Like, never ever. My mom was opposed saying she had them every day as a kid and couldn’t stand them anymore. I know, I know, I was so deprived, but I honestly could take ’em or leave ’em when they show up at a holiday gathering. Weird and un-American, huh? But when I saw this super duper ugly hairy looking root at the market, I had to give it a go. Never judge a book by its cover, right?Read More →

There is needing chocolate, and then there is needing chocolate. Will eat everything in my path until chocolate eventually makes it into my mouth kind of need. Not a Hershey’s bar, but real dark & decadent chocolate. You know what I mean. So, naturally I headed to the kitch to try and work something out. But…Read More →