About 2 months ago I gave up on that bar life. No, not the one that serves you drinks (not that crazy!), but the kind that come in colorful packaging and are popping up all over the place promising you high protein, high fiber, low net carbs, all natural, and all other kinds of health claims. For a snack that is supposed to help you out when you’re on the go, I started relying on them almost daily as a supplement. They were quick, easy and kinda felt like I was eating a treat, but I never felt super satisfied for a long period ofRead More →

Isn’t one of the great things about going on vacation that you get to splurge and eat whatever you feel like without lifting more than the weight of your cocktail to your mouth? Wrong! Well, maybe for a day but then the fun starts to wear off and the key lime pies and pina coladas become ubiquitous and less interesting. I’ve never been one for those kinds of vacations and if I’m sedentary for too long I start to get cabin fever & quite cranky. Raise your hand if you’re the same! I definitely had some anxiety about eating healthy and staying active before headingRead More →

When I think of marriage I often think of food ūüėõ And when we think of peanut butter food marriages we often think of chocolate, banana, and jelly. Peanut butter and turmeric hardly comes to mind. Then the other day I was making a stir-fry and threw in some peanut butter with the turmeric and really loved the bold, spice of the turmeric combined with the smooth and somewhat sweet flavor of the peanut butter. The gears began to turn. I started adding turmeric to my smoothies, especially when adding peanut butter. I loved the flavor combo. So now that we’re heading into summer monthsRead More →

I have this great memory from a Sunday¬†in summer after a night out with my girls. We woke up in the morning and wanted to go for an exercise walk through town. We stumbled upon a farmers market at the high point of peach season.As we walked into the square the sweet aroma of my favorite stone fruit met my nose and I knew that we needed to try one. I had about $3 in cash and had just enough to buy us each a peach. We sat outside eating and laughing at the ridiculous image of 3 women having peach juice running down ourRead More →

Seriously, Vada Sultenfuss? Could you get a cooler name or be any cooler of a role model for a girl? Riding your bike around all summer in your eccentric funeral home-home with Thomas J as your best bud. I wanted to be her so badly. Her and Thomas J became blood brothers. Blood brothers! Not that I would recommend that at all, but the idea was so bad ass as a 9 year old.Read More →

This girl be realizing her dreams all over the place. When I signed up to volunteer for my local farmers market, they asked me to come in to help out with the educational coordinator to help create lessons and materials to use for classes. I was beyond excited. When they asked me if I would research a recipe, shop at the market and take photos to be submitted to the quarterly paper, I was overjoyed, ecstatic,¬†well there is no word to describe my feeling so I will just create overecstaticelationjoy to sum it up.Read More →

So, this is pretty much all things warm & cozy bottled up nice & neat in a jar, just for you. Combining¬†the spices of winter + the sweet & buttery hazelnut, which sometimes goes by the name of filbert, it’s perfect to add to your snacks or for breakfast. I think I may just start referring them to filberts. Such a cool name.Read More →

My brain feels like it has gone away on the crazy train. Buh-bye. My focus lasts about as long as…We’ll call it summer brain. Or have lots of life events happening brain. In the best way possible. After completing a Half Ironman (#stillcantbelieveididthat) and crushing my goal by over 30 minutes, I was flying high. So much commitment and training actually did pay off and I came out basically unscathed, minus some sore legs the next day. And then my boyfriend who was me and my friend’s Sherpa, schlepping our gear all over the place, taking photos, cheering us on all day while we raced,Read More →

Sooo I might have been on a bit of a lemon kick. My recently posted gateway-to-chia lemon raspberry parfait is now one of my favorite summertime refreshing snacks. ¬†Lemon is so freaking versatile. Put it in your water for some added flavor. Add it to desserts or savory dishes. Add it to homemade cleaning products. ¬†Annnnnnnd as I was experimenting, it even goes with lavender. Like, really goes. Like honey in my tea. Or the jam on my toast. The peanut butter to my chocolate. Like that kinda goes.Read More →

“This is the best thing you have ever made. No, I really mean it this time. You could sell this ish.” Hmmmmm, he’s got an idea. Maybe I shouldn’t give you guys the recipe. And maybe I should sell it. But I was always bad at keeping secrets. I like to share my creations so you lovelies can enjoy delicious healthy grub. And this is the perfect for a grab-n-go snack or add some crunch to your yogurt¬†or top off your ice cream.¬†Read More →

“Party time. Excellent.” So many movie quotes flying through my brain right now and this is the one that I keep saying out loud moving my head side to side. Maybe because today was the last day of teaching and that means that it is summmmmerrrrr! YES! And we all know¬†¬†summertime means beach, vacations, boys and booze. In any order or combo. But it also means movies. And if you’re lucky, it means outdoor movies in a park or at the drive-in. And let’s be honest right now. No one wants to spend $7 on movie theater candy or popcorn that’ll make you feel likeRead More →

I make it to the movie theater maybe twice a year, sometimes less. Unless I go to watch Mad Max, then I go twice in one week. Soooooo intense. And Tom Hardy, what?! Who knew? WHO KNEW? And I had to take my friend who hadn’t seen it yet. Right? But, normally I prefer my movies at home. Snuggled with a blanket on my couch and some stove-top popcorn. Though I love Netflix, I really love¬†to rent my movies from the video store down the street. Yes, this is current day I’m talking about people, not 1998. I am¬†lucky enough to have one of theseRead More →

I am the Augustus Gloop of hummus! Open the doors of my wildest imagination and I would be gulping from hummus rivers with little hummus trees swayed above my head dropping every different flavor around me. How is it possible that a little chickpea can bring a grown (mostly?) woman so much joy?! We make it in my household on the regular and not just by me, buy also by the other hummusaurus that I live with. And when we do, it gets devoured.Read More →